The Wealth Number 10 Step Plan

The Wealth Number: The Financial Solution to Pursuing the Job You’d Love, will show you how to quickly save enough money to walk away from the job you may dislike so you can pursue a job you’d love. It’s a financial plan and the solution to pursuing a life you are destined to live.

The Wealth Number is a quick read and the plan goes over the steps that follows.

As the author, I want to show you exactly how I’ve used these steps to obtain my current wealth number savings.

Therefore, I will express through this website exactly how my own finances and goals aligns with what I have written in The Wealth Number.

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Step 1:

Determine your primary wealth number so you’ll have your own personalized savings goal that is linked to the day that you’ll leave your existing job

How to Calculate Your Wealth Number_Job You Love

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Step 2:

Separate your accounts to minimize your financial stress by keeping your savings, bills, and spending money separately

Separate bank accounts for budgeting

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Step 3:

Rearrange your monthly obligated expenses so it won’t seem like you’re always broke, shortly after getting paid.

Feel Broke Job You Love

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Step 4:

Automate your paycheck, transfers, and expenses so you’ll always know if you’ll have enough money to pay your bills and so you can stop worrying if your bills will be paid on-time

Automate Your Bills Job You Love

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Step 5:

Adjust your spending habits so you can increase the amount of money you bring home each month

change spending habits

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Step 6:

Reduce your existing expenses so you can have more money to save

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Step 7:

Budget to keep your new spending habits on track

How to Budget to Quit Your Job

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Step 8:

Apply the Debt “Calm Before the Storm” Method, which is the only way to pay off debt without feeling broke

Get Out of Debt Without Debt Consolidation

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Step 9:

Find ways to increase your income so you can accelerate your wealth number, and

Increase Your Income

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Step 10:

“Invest in yourself, not in the markets,” so you can multiply your earnings potential without worrying about market fluctuations

Ways to Invest in Yourself

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Beyond The Wealth Number…

The wealth number is your safety net, and it is your job to protect these funds at all costs by being as conservative as you can with future investments. However, if you educate and invest in yourself sufficiently, as called for in step 10, you should be ready to take the next step in your financial success once you reach this important milestone. You’ll be living way below your means with a relatively huge sum of money, and you’ll be on your way to pursuing the job you’d love.

Don’t have time to read everything now? Don’t worry.

The Wealth Number 10 Step Plan











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